Foot to the face in Action! lol
Thank you my son

Foot to the face in Action! lol
Thank you my son

My arm is position weird but the reason why is
my new tattoo. It’s a heart with the puzzle pieces.
Hopefully everyone puts it together with what the meaning is.

My arm is position weird but the reason why is
my new tattoo. It’s a heart with the puzzle pieces.
Hopefully everyone puts it together with what the meaning is.


Luciano starts school on his birthday. We had to do an evaluation to see if he was qualified, and he is.

We will know what our options are with classes, times, teachers, how many students will be in a class, how many assistants, and meet the parents of other children with Autism.

We’re still have problems with Speech, but overall he has improved drastically, and I couldn’t be more proud with the progress he has made.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”-Napoleon Hill

Luciano, you’re my super hero.

Waking up each day smiling. Knowing that we can’t understand you from time to time. Even when you lost your speech you always reach a new milestone everyday.

Today is the first day I have ever saw you point to an object. You kept point to objects you wanted.

I was so happy, and proud while you just sat there with your cheese grin.

You try so hard everyday. And you always improve. You are my super hero. You grow stronger, and stronger each day. You even catch yourself having a melt down, and you try to calm yourself down.

You are so amazing. You always surprise your father and I everyday.

You are truly one of the most kindhearted kid I have had the pleasure to raise.

We love you Luciano. Never change.

My boys and I today. :)

Luciano @ the park today. (:

Luciano @ the park today. (:

Yes, I am a mom.

I may not be perfect. I get irritated and annoyed. I need time alone for me to get my thoughts together. I need space to breath. I get frustrated, and cry. I try not to get mad, or upset. But I do. I cry, and get mad.

My life is dedicated to my children. I work to get thing the things they need, and the things I WANT them to have. I do what I do to make their life better then mine. I spend every second everyday on what I should do with my children and their father for today, and the next day. I think of the future. Do I want more children? How many more? When? Can I handle being a mother of more then two? Will I have another boy or will I get a girl?
What should my boys eat today? I think of a million things, that gives me panic attacks. I stress about the little things when I know I shouldn’t.

I stress about Luciano specialists coming to the house. I’m making myself feel sick to my stomach knowing Luciano will be going to a school to help him at the age of three. Knowing I can’t be there 24-7 to watch him. I don’t know what their doing with my child. Will he be ok? Will he be talking more before then so he can tell me he will be ok?

When I watch, and read of special needs teachers abusing their students gets me more worried. My anxiety hits the roof. I start to cry. Because i’m worried.

When people assume I let my children so whatever they want because he “Acts” out. Not because he having a melt down or anything. Or maybe even a sensory overload. No no, it’s just because he “spoiled”.

When I sit here, and cry, worry, bring myself so down so deep in the water that i’m drowning myself.

Then I turn around. See these two handsome little boys smiling in their sleep. Knowing that their ok, and happy right now. That right now matters. I need to learn to enjoy the now, instead of worrying for the future. But this is apart of me that I need to grow and learn as I go.

Luciano Update

  • Can say three words (in all honest I think he knows the words but he just refuses to talk. He looked at me the other day and said “kiss” and started giving me kisses.)
  • Puts everything away! He doing so well at “clean up” time. So happy
  • He still have his tantrums. There getting kinda better.
  • He still has sensory overloads. Which is normal, but we;re still trying to figure out more ways to help him.
  • Bed time? Almost 100% back to normal! THANK GOODNESS.
  • We’re getting our own place AGAIN. Yes we been staying with my mom, and it truly helped us in the long run. We saved up + taxes. So we’re ready to move out in about two weeks. :-]
  • He less of a picky eater now. Yay
  • We have an evaluation with Clark County School District. Luciano will start school at the age of three with other children with Special needs. It will help him, and us in the long run. George and I are both aloud to go while he goes! So on my days off and his days off we will be going with him to school. :)


said kiss yesterday!! And he gave me kisses!
Proud mama. :-]

Luciano and I.
(web cam)
Watching fairy Odd Parents. Lol

Going threw my phone gallery and I notice these pictures. Luciano takes selfies with my phone at night.  Lol my silly boy

Oh Luciano,

you have been a little handful today. That’s for* sure. I feel so bad. You were so happy, and now you’re grumpy.

As I took Luciano to the park today he ran so fast he fell on the basketball court outside. :( He peeled the first layer of skin on his head and nose. It’s not bad, but under his nose is worst. :( He missing a little “chunk”.

Breaks my heart, but he happy here and there when he not touching his poor little face.

OMG plus he* keeps wanting* to go for a nice long walk in the big boy stroller. And I have no problem but it’s already 8:01 P.M and it’s just way to cold to go for a walk my son. He keeps trying, and trying. Putting on his shoes, pushing me to the door, a grabbing his stroller. I promise we’ll go for a nice walk tomorrow baby.


Luciano did an AMAZING job today with his behavior. EVERYTHING went amazing. No problem, great eye contact. He even helped CLEAN UP!

No fussing, biting, nothing! I was so proud and happy with him this morning. :-D

Preventing Sensory Overload

Redirection and Choice

Use Consistency, Routines, and Rituals.

Here are some helpful pages she has giving me today. :)

Behavior, and his “reg” teacher.

His behavior came in at 9:00 A.M. Let’s just say that was not a good time. He was SUPER cranky, and didn’t want ANYTHING to do with her. But in the end he threw all the toys in the back just so he can get off the chair, and she could leave. He was so happy he even shut the door right when she walked out. LOL.

His “reg” teacher is basically the women that helped us get into the program, and see where we stand at this point in time every month. She came in today, and she was so happy to see him all smiles, and laughing. That was exactly an hour before our behavior came (10:00 A.M). lol.

She gave me a calendar that made me cry. I mean I CRIED. This calendar as all the programs in Nevada, and some of their “students” with their disabilities telling their stories. Well in the month of Dec was our program students. There was two of them. There was a little boy that was just a little over a year that died last night. And I couldn’t help but cry, because his story was on this calender, and it was one of her students. It breaks my heart. I will be scanning a couple pages tho (i will be blocking out the names), and so some of you can read these amazing stories about these children.